Informations about Gaeta (regulations on traffic, public car parking and tourist tax)

Restricted Traffic Zone (ZTL)

The entire historic centre of Gaeta is a ‘Zona a Traffico Limitato’ (ZTL) or restricted traffic zone. Special rules govern access to, as well as transit through and parking in this zone. Access points are controlled by cameras that automatically detect one’s license plate, and fines will be issued to drivers who do not possess a special access pass. The Residence Punta Stendardo is located inside the historical centre, in the restricted traffic zone. Tourists that travel by car and who need to travel within the ZTL to reach the residence can obtain a temporary access permit. In order to obtain this permit, please communicate your licence plate number as the type pf car, car owner, car driver and lenght of stay to us in order to transmit it to the police office within 48 hours.

For further informations about Traffic Limited Zone (ZTL) click here


Outside the ZTL the town is divided into ZCS zones (‘Zone a Controllo Sosta’, i.e. Controlled Parking Zones), where transit is allowed with no specific restrictions. Street parking in these areas however is divided between resident and non-resident. In Gaeta (this may differ in other cities), this division is indicated by the colour of the lines around the parking spot:

  • White lines: free parking
  • Blue lines: paid parking (anyone, including non residents, may park here and pay at the parcometro or coin-operated dispenser);
  • Yellow lines: parking for the disabled, indicated also by a sign. The sign often indicates a special pass number, in which case this space is reserved for a specific person and not available to any other disability pass holders.

The residence dispose of FREE parking while it lasts (to book in advance) so don’t forget to ask for the availability when booking.


Since July 2012 in Gaeta as in many other italian towns, there is a “Tourist Tax”. This tax must be paid by the guest directly to the hotel before the end of the stay.

In Gaeta the tax is €1,00/day per person (exemptions for children under 16 y.o.) and it’s applied for up to ten days.

Gaeta tourist brochure